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Our Mission

MyCloset is an interactive website that provides an outlet for users to document and share their personal With an account, users can post their clothing pieces, connect with friends, get inspiration, take quizzes, and have a random outfit generated.

About the Developers


Doreen Rota

Web developer


Doreen Rota is an incoming junior at NEST+m High School in Manhattan, NY. She is Tibetan and was born and raised in Queens, NY. She is interested in mathematics, playing soccer, and getting involved in her community. Doreen joined Girls Who Code with no experience in computer science, but after this program, she has learned languages such as Scratch, Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Doreen has found a new found love for computer programming and aspires to pursue a career in technology.


Bernice Wang

Web developer

Instagram: bernicew2

Bernice Wang is an incoming junior at The Bronx High School of Science. In school, Bernice runs in her school’s Cross Country team and she is also a member of her school’s all girls robotics team, the FeMaidens. When she’s not doing school work, Bernice enjoys reading, watching movies with her siblings, or hanging out with her friends. After joining Girls Who Code, Bernice learned a plethora of programming languages which she hopes to implement in her future career in technology.


Amillyon Cannon

Web developer

Instagram: amillyon__

Amillyon is an upcoming senior at Brooklyn Institute for Liberal Arts, she grew up in the heart of Brooklyn. While growing up she fell in love with many passions such as playing sports, playing video games, doing videography and photography, playing piano, drawing, but the one that she become most passionate about is coding. “Coding is the thing that I love to do most in my spare time “, said Amillyon. Amillyon is hoping to get a career in game development at RockStar Games.


Daively Jorge

Web developer

Instagram: Daively_jorge

Daively Jorge is an upcoming senior at Park East High School. At 5 years old she came from Dominican Republic to America for a better life. She is a drilling and marching instructor for GNYC as well as president of multiple clubs offered at her school, including The Honors Book Club and Pride Council. She is a Girls Inc New york peer leader, as well as a little sister for barkleys. Daively’s interest include painting, anything to do with technology and spends her free time helping out at local churches and homeless centers.